Show the Dove
Maybe you would like to know what inspired me to start this initiative.
As father of a daughter, I do not wish to see her in a world of terror, hate, and intolerance.
This was the inspiration for my thoughts; what could I do for a peaceful future.
By chance I saw a German TV late night host "Harald Schmidt Show". He had the Dove of Peace standing on his desk.
From there in February 2003 I got the idea to spread it through the Internet.
The Dove of Peace has been symbol for peace for many generations and is the basis of my personal ideology.
It can easily be spread to different cultures world wide with no language difficulty.
Often the press reports these days of many people around our world who also are committed to peace.
Many are inspired to show there commitment to peace.
Here a signal is given that can be hear and seen creating a landslide of movement which can be the deciding factor
in these important times. There are no promises but it worth the effort to try creating peace.
For many years I have been working with natural preservation; now the relationship is clear to me.
The destruction of the earth and the natural the resources goes on with out being stopped.
We must learn together very fast creating a constructive concept for a future together.
Wars poison not only the foundation for peace and life together they leave no place for change and united growth.
It is our little World - This is our only one.
It is our duty to preserve it for our children.
So that our children will never have to ask:
Why didn't you do something?
Sincerely yours, Stefan Wiessmeyer
Doves of Peace
Who is with us!
Contact is and will remain a private, non-profit Peace Initiative.