Show the Dove!
Webmaster’s Network for Peace - I would like to give you a short explanation of how it works…
The aim of the initiative is to create a Network of partners for peace.
These pages are designed to be loaded fast and easily with every type of browser.
Surely there will be changes in design and content of the pages. Now we have created the basis.
I am sure that this will be a long way full of work. However I am convinced that it will be worth going the way together. "Together for a peaceful future."
Now it is up to us to work on the distribution of the idea together.
Become an Ambassadors of Peace and forward our message to other cultures, too.
The more people know about our initiative.
The further our Network of people with the same way of thinking expands causing it to be more effective.
The longer the list of Partners for Peace, the higher will be the position of in the search engines.
The better the position and the longer the list of Partners the more Webmasters will also join our Network.
You as a partner will also have your profit from this evolution. However this should not be your motivation to join our initiative.
Being a partner of will always be completely free.
Each partner should show his private and personal opinion.
The important thing is that everybody works in his own way on the distribution of this idea.
It is up to everybody to build  his/her own download center for Doves of Peace on his/her own Web page; creating their own ideas. However, please act in the sense of the community.
For all of us it is important that you also inform others about our initiative, so that new partners are found.
This way our Network grows.
After the integration of your Web page to the list of Who is with us? you will receive a small banner.
You may also show it on your Web page.
Should you have the feeling that you can no longer identify yourself with
simply delete the link on your Web page. Please send us an e-mail with the request to be removed from the list of partners.
This is your security that I as owner of the domain will not misuse our initiative for other purposes.
The success of this initiative rises and falls with the partners. including all sub domains will always be a private, non-profit peace initiative.
Please feel confident that you can rely on me in all of the above spoken matters being handled correctly.
I am now pleased to work together with you on this Network for Peace.
Together we have the power to make a change.
Sincerely yours, Stefan Wiessmeyer
Doves of Peace
Who is with us!
Contact is and will remain a private, non-profit Peace Initiative.